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[Interview] ‘Discovery of Romance’ Discovery of Eric, discovery of a good man



The Eric met in real life is different from the man seen in the media. He was very careful, and hence looked serious, and occasionally, even looked to be shy. TV dramas have portrayed Eric as a man who would say cheesy lines like “Do you smell something burning? My heart is burning” with much ease but in the real world, Eric seemed like a man who would rather die than say something like that.

In order to give a neutral answer, he took quite a long time to compose his thoughts, even to questions where answers can be predicted, and this is also evidence to show that he was quite truthful when he answered ‘No comment’ or ‘It’s a secret’ to certain questions. As compared to answers that are packaged nicely and sounds good, to a man like Eric, speaking the truth goes without saying, and at the end of the interview, he said, “I would like to be remembered as a good man” and it made me think that whoever who met him, will definitely and surely remember him as a good man.


Q. KBS2 drama Discovery Of Romance ended recently. How did you spend the time after the drama ended?
I went to the sauna with my parents. And there was also reservist training (laughs). Ah, after the drama ended, we all went for an MT and I suffered a lot after drinking, which I had stopped for a while. That’s why I went to recuperate at my parents’ home.

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